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Virtual Rock Lab

TSW – Categorize rocks into the Three Main Classes
Arizona State Standards: Strand 6 – Concept 2; PO 1 and 2
1. After the students have been introduced, and have learned about the rock cycle and the three main classes of rocks, the students will be given an opportunity to categorize 15 different rocks into Igneous, Sedimentary,

Valentine’s Day 2002 Teaching Tip lesson plan

Aims: To give reading practice – stage 2
To review vocabulary/structure – stage 3
To make stds aware of ‘rhythm’ – stage 1
To give freer speaking practice- stage 4

HIV/AIDS and Contemporary Population Dynamics

* To describe the spread and occurence of HIV/AIDS at multiple scales
* To explain global and regional variations in the occurence of HIV/AIDS
* To understand the spread of HIV/AIDS in the United States

Wacky Olympics

To have students enjoy a fun field day near the end of the school year.

A Fun Way to Learn How Cutting Calories Leads to Weight Loss

Lesson Title: A Fun Way to Learn How Calories Leads to Weight Loss
Equipment Needed:
• “Joe’s Cutting Calories” PowerPoint Presentation (this is optional but you can get it for free at:
• calculators
• Joe’s Cutting Calories” worksheet (1 for each pair of students) I will cut and paste them here, but they will be in a