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ESL Intonation Lesson Plan

**** Please click the Rating link (above this text) after you download – I would truly appreciate a rating and comment ****I teach this lesson to my ESL students in my Oral Communications class. I usually start my class with a pronunciation tip, such a

Bronx Zoo Lesson Plan for Adult ESL Students

This is a lesson plan for beginning level adult ESL students in New York City.

Grammar Fun

This is an ESOL unit for middle school students. Students learn about nouns, verbs, and adjectives in the target language. They spend time orally demonstrating knowledge of the patterns and rules governing using these words in oral language, as well as in written work.

Father’s Day Lesson Plan

Let students know that today’s subject is Father’s Day. Tell
them that they are going to learn when Father’s Day is, how we
celebrate it, and some new vocabulary words.

Back to School – 20 Ways to Say Hello From Around the World

The product name says it all – a list of 20 world hello’s. I introduce a new hello every week and we use it for taking attendance in the morning. Great for ESL classes or regular classes. Ties in great with S.S. lessons later in the year!