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Family Wreath

This was a huge hit with all the families and the children. I placed the wreath in the home living area, and was amazed to see the students, all year long, go over to the wreath and take time to admire it and their family.

Word Family Centers and Games

This Word Family Centers and Games packet comes with 5 different Word Family Centers. Each center comes with a Game Folder Cover, Alphabet Game Pieces, Word Family Game Pieces, and a Word Family Worksheet!

My Family Past, Present, and Future

Students in grade two explore the lives of actual people who make a difference in their everyday lives and differentiate between events that happened long ago and events that happened yesterday by studying their family histories.

Mythology – Greek, Norse, and Biblical Family Trees of the Gods

Mythology – Greek, Norse, and Biblical Family Trees of the GodsStudying Mythology? Those family trees of the gods can get pretty crazy to keep track of.These 3 one-page handouts map out the family lineages of the Greek, Norse, and Biblical godheads

Some Called Me SuperStar

The following activities can be adapted to a whole class, small literature group, or small guided reading group. Choose one or more activities from each section to support comprehension before, during, and after reading the book. In addition, the author has also included numerous writing activities in Chapter 9 – “You Be the Sportscaster,” and