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Lesson Plans - March

Remember the Ladies: The First Ladies

Through the lessons in this unit, you will explore with your students the ways in which First Ladies were able to shape the world while dealing with the expectations placed on them as women and as partners of powerful men.

History in Quilts

The lessons in this unit are designed to help your students recognize how people of different cultures and time periods have used cloth-based art forms to pass down their traditions and history.

Cultural Change

Political developments leave a clear trace in the life of a nation, usually marked by legislative mileposts like the Fourteenth Amendment, which dictates equal protection for all, and the Nineteenth Amendment, which gave women the right to vote. But such developments have a cultural dimension as well, often evident in the attitudes and assumptions implicit in political arguments.

Assessing Women’s Past Through Art

One way to access women’s past is to examine art (paintings, drawings, carvings) from the period. There are a variety of ways to do this. For example, an interesting picture could be shown to introduce students to a period. They might conjecture about what it tells them about the period, or they might do additional research on it, using images from their textbook or other sources.

The Solidarity Quilt

Students will design a paper solidarity quilt, a colorful patchwork of women’s hopes and promises for a better world.