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Lesson Plans - November

All Aboard The Campaign Train!

The students will take the fictional platform from the lesson “Donkeys and Elephants and Voters, Oh My!” to raise support for members of their party at the local, state and national levels while on the campaign trail. Based on a student-created itinerary, the students will map the cross-country campaign stops.

Donkeys and Elephants and Voters, Oh My!

It is a difficult skill for students to recognize government at its national level. Also, the concept of political action, political parties and their role in the democratic process is hard to teach in a conventional way. These hands-on activities are designed to help students journey through politics from its “grass roots” to a national convention through the creation of a new political party and the development of the convention’s national platform.

Citizenship City

This lesson begins a process of helping students visualize their town’s government as a very important part of their everyday existence—a part that they can influence.

Why Vote? A Public Awareness Campaign

Students will learn that towns include people whose jobs contribute to the quality of community life. Students will use the online activity “How Does Government Affect Me?” as a springboard to discuss the importance of voting. The lesson will culminate with the creation of “Please Vote” bookmarks, a public awareness campaign.

To Vote Or Not To Vote

Students will gain a historical understanding of voting rights in America through an online game, “Inside The Voting Booth.” Students will then examine the contemporary problem of low voter turnout. Through surveys and research, students will pinpoint causes and propose solutions to increase vote participation.