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Lesson Plans - November

The Telling: A Thanksgiving Story

With the use of literature, students compare and contrast different points of view on the first Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Stations

To pre-assess younger students abilities in three areas–in particular throwing.

Thanksgiving Bargain Shopping

Let’s talk turkey about Thanksgiving grocery shopping! Students work in groups to compare grocery store prices to shop for Thanksgiving dinner.

Stuff the Turkey Tag

The ability to move safely in general space; to change speed and pathways to avoid others; skill work in throwing underhand to a target.

Let’s Talk Turkey: The Cost of Thanksgiving Dinner

How does your family celebrate Thanksgiving? Are you joined by friends and/or family for a special feast? What do you eat? Most American families celebrate Thanksgiving by cooking turkey. According to, 90 percent of U.S. households eat turkey on Thanksgiving and 50 percent eat turkey on Christmas day.