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Lesson Plans - By Month

Water Punch Bag

How many pencils can you stick in a bag filled with water without it leaking?

Ice Cube Rescue

A new way to go ice fishing a encourage critical thinking

Ketchup and Down Toy

Learn how to make a super fun and magical toy out of a ketchup packet and a plastic bottle. You too can control ketchup with your mind.

Let’s Celebrate Kwanzaa!

Students will learn about multicultural celebrations.

Celebrate Kwanzaa in the United States

Students Will:

1. Develop an understanding of how some African-Americans remember and celebrate their African heritage.
2. Participate in a chant about the seven continents.
3. Identify Africa on the globe.
4. Understand that there are other languages in the world.
5. Develop oral language skills.
6. Encourage classroom community.