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Lesson Plans - September

Getting to Know You: Activities for the First Day of School

My favorite first-day-of-school activities aren’t particularly unique or creative. They are intended only for fun and to be helpful to me as I get to know my new students.

Fourteen MORE Activities for the First Days of School!

So here, in a follow-up to Fourteen Great Ideas for the First Days of School, is the second batch of reader ideas — 14 more activities for the first days of school!

Fourteen Great Activities for the First Days of School!

14 great activities to help you get to know your new students — and to help them get to know you!

First-Day-of-School Icebreakers Help Students and Teachers Warm Up!

This activity gives the teacher a great understanding of each student right from the beginning of the new school year

Mapping Your Identity: A Back-to-School Ice Breaker

How can students create identity maps to introduce themselves to their peers?