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Lesson Plans - 12th Grade

Social Studies and Language Arts Graphic Organizer

Many students struggle with summarizing non-fiction text. This graphic organizers helps them model summarizing AND aids in READING COMPREHENSION. They will be practicing Language Arts skills and won’t even know it!!!

Lewis and Clark Video Guide Questions

Videos are an excellent way to wrap up a lesson to ensure that students understand the content you taught. This simple handout makes videos more effective by ensuring that students pay attention. Enjoy it free!!!

The Tangi Bridge (a very short story)

This is a very short story (less than 900 words) comparable to “The Lottery” and “The Lady or the Tiger”.

Badminton Unit FREE!: A 1-2 Week Unit for 6th -12th Grade

Use this easy Badminton Unit for your P.E. class or recess time. The goal is to have students playing quickly and then add in skills daily.

In Search Of Shakespeare

This is a simple student research introductory activity prior to the study of any of the plays by William Shakespeare.