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Lesson Plans - 12th Grade

Ho Ho Poetry

In this lesson, students read about the sights and sounds of a Las Vegas Christmas. They then use words and phrases taken from articles in today?s New York Times to create holiday-themed ?found poems

Christmas Spirit?

In this lesson, students reflect on how they greet the holiday season and participate in a fishbowl discussion to explore the ongoing debate on how best to celebrate the holidays.

Poets of Christmas Past

In this lesson, students consider the meanings of Christmas by reading an op-ed and reflect on the meanings of the Christmas holiday

The Math Connection

?When are we ever going to USE this MATH?? How many times have you heard this question? Students delight in challenging the teacher for reasons or justifications of the material taught. What better way to answer this question than to allow students to research career fields of their own interest and make the math connection!

Wanted Dead or Alive

How can we determine the value of the timber in a forest? How can we measure a pine tree, or for that matter, any item that is longer, taller, broader, or deeper than our measuring tools?