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Lesson Plans - 1st Grade

Crayola Hands-on Standards Based Lesson Plan Ideas

34 page e-Book. Your Guide to Integrate the Arts into Your Daily Curriculum

Quick & Easy Crafts for Kids by Crayola

29 page ebook with wonderful craft projects created by Crayola.

Learning About Language A Beginners Guide to Writing and Punctuating Sentences

This is a free introduction to recognizing and writing simple sentences. It covers what is a sentence and simple punctuation.

Just for Fun Coloring Pages (Crayola)

14 page ebook filled with fun coloring pages created by Crayola.

Word Wall Progress Chart FREEBIE

I use this progress chart with my students after their weekly word building quiz. It allows them to track their results in a visual way – creating motivation to do well. I have included three differently-numbered charts for your FREE use!