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Lesson Plans - 1st Grade

Number Order Practice {Dog Theme} {freebie}

Number Order 0-10

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Nature scavenger hunt includes two different types of hunts. The first is an actual physical scavenger hunt where kids have to bring items in to be counted. The second one is a photo scavenger hunt. Parents or children can take pictures on their smart phon

Roll-n-Color the Elf! {Freebie}

The students will roll a single die and color the various parts of the elf depending on the number they roll. They can do it alone or with a group..easy and fun!

Using Drama in the Classroom

Drama is mentioned 47 times in the Common Core Standards. This easy-to-read guide provides tips and techniques so that you get the most out of reader’s theater.

50+ Journal Jar Writing Prompts

Print dozens of colorful, motivating writing prompts appropriate for all age groups.