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Lesson Plans - 5th Grade

We the People

This integrated unit uses reading strategies, reflection activities, graphic organizers, and technology tools to teach the rights and responsibilities of citizens.

Independent – To Be or Not To Be

Why were freedom and independence so important? Take students on a journey through the historical events leading to the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

In Days of Old, Before Columbus

How are our lives affected by the advancements made during the Middle Ages? Students are actively involved in learning about the feudal system of government and aspects of family life in the different classes within this system.

How Can We Move Our Principal?

Using the scenario of our principal needing our help to get around the school now that he/she has a hurt foot, this unit combines the content of science with the skills of writing to entice students to become active learners.

Inventions and Inventors

What is an invention? Why invent? How do inventions impact society?