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Lesson Plans - 5th Grade

ESL Intonation Lesson Plan

**** Please click the Rating link (above this text) after you download – I would truly appreciate a rating and comment ****I teach this lesson to my ESL students in my Oral Communications class. I usually start my class with a pronunciation tip, such a

Answer Sheet-For up to 30 Questions

A simple answer sheet to make your grading easier!!

Social Studies and Language Arts Graphic Organizer

Many students struggle with summarizing non-fiction text. This graphic organizers helps them model summarizing AND aids in READING COMPREHENSION. They will be practicing Language Arts skills and won’t even know it!!!

Teaching Tips and Classroom Management Ideas for Physical Education

This is an excerpt from my book PE2: Double the Physical + Double the Education = Double the Fun. Included are some additional teaching tips to assist you in time management and grouping strategies. These strategies are especially helpful if you teach larg

Roll The Dice

SKILLS/OBJECTIVES: Reinforcement of math concepts, scooter skills, cardiovascular fitnessNUMBER OF PLAYERS: Unlimited; arrange students into pairs EQUIPMENT: One scooter for each player; one pair of dice for each pair of students