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Lesson Plans - 5th Grade

Food Pyramid Scooter Race

SKILLS/OBJECTIVES: Reinforcement of nutrition and food concepts, scooter skills, cardiovascular fitnessNUMBER OF PLAYERS: Unlimited; students are arranged in groups of three or fourEQUIPMENT: One scooter and laminated food pyramid poster for each team

Quick & Easy Crafts for Kids by Crayola

29 page ebook with wonderful craft projects created by Crayola.

Beanbag Robbery Activity

Beanbag Robbery, a variation of Capture the Flag, promotes team strategy, self-responsibility, and provides lots of healthy movement.

Word Wall Progress Chart FREEBIE

I use this progress chart with my students after their weekly word building quiz. It allows them to track their results in a visual way – creating motivation to do well. I have included three differently-numbered charts for your FREE use!

Spelling/Vocabulary Word of the Day Worksheet FREEBIE

Have your students focus on vocabulary and spelling development with this Word of the Day sheet.