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Lesson Plans - 6th Grade

All I Want for Christmas is a Nice, Clean Earth

This particular activity is designed to allow students to investigate those items of litter that cause harm to the environment. It may be extended to increase awareness of the natural role of energy sources within the living organisms of the environment

Statistical Sleuths

Faced with dilemmas such as, how much time an average eighth grade student should spend on homework, students formulate and test their hypotheses using mock statistics and identify sampling techniques that could be used to collect the necessary data.

Speak for Yourself

Speak For Yourself asks the guiding question, “What does it take to make a good speaker?” Students formulate a working definition of what it takes to make a good speaker as they work through the course of the unit.

Twin Traits

Explore the Nature vs. Nurture controversy. Participate in hands-on activities to discover how variation in species is due to exchange and interaction of genetic information from parent to offspring.

Students as Historians: Investigating the Gulf War

How do facts and opinions, as well as primary and secondary sources, influence the remembering (interpretation) of an event? What makes a source primary or secondary? What’s the difference between fact and opinion?