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Lesson Plans - 6th Grade

Spelling/Vocabulary Word of the Day Worksheet FREEBIE

Have your students focus on vocabulary and spelling development with this Word of the Day sheet.

Multiplication Basic Facts Koosh Ball Game for SMART Board FREEBIE

This 49-page SMART Notebook file allows students to review many of their basic multiplication facts to 12×12 in a friendly competition!

Said, or…..

A single page document for students to refer to whenever they are attempting creative/narrative writing employing dialogue between characters.

Student Absent Form Freebie

This is a student absent form freebie is great for keeping track of a student’s missed assignments “while he/she is out”.

Badminton Unit FREE!: A 1-2 Week Unit for 6th -12th Grade

Use this easy Badminton Unit for your P.E. class or recess time. The goal is to have students playing quickly and then add in skills daily.