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Lesson Plans - 9th Grade

FREE! Sex Education Homework to do With a Parent

Homework that is a conversation with parents about sex! Includes topics like: pubery, abstinence, birth control, sexual limits and more.

FREE! “Is This Product Healthy?” Food Label Reading Lesson and PowerPoint:

Ever had a student ask, “Is this product “healthy?” This lesson helps students learn how to read food labels and gives the formulas to figure out if a food is healthy enough to be in school vending machine.

FREE!: A Fun Way to Learn How Cutting Calories Leads to Weight Loss Lesson

Students will analyze a teenage boy named Joe’s unhealthy eating. Students will help Joe drop 500 calories a day so he can lose a lb. a week. Your students will completely understand how by dropping 3500 calories you can lose 1 lb.

Core 4 All: Overiew of SACI

Did you know that over 40 states have adopted the Common Core State Standards? But what can you do right now to prepare yourself for the change that is about to happen? Have you read through the standards yet? If not, perhaps reading Core 4 All: Overvie

Geometry Assessment Lesson Plan

Students find area, perimeter, and degrees of angles using cut out shapes.