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Lesson Plans - 9th Grade

Drawing Tonal Starter

This is a tonal starter studying sheet that also has questions for students to answer for plenary questioning. It is designed for students to become more aware of the tones that they are using in their drawings.If you like this please leave a rating!

MUSIC: Choir/Vocal Problem Vowels

This is a one page handout that all choir directors and singers will find very useful.

Revision and Rewriting Hands-on Exercise

This fun hands-on activity illustrates to students why revision and rewriting is important to the writing process

MUSIC: ‘Canon after Pachelbel’ Instrumental – for easy Guitar trio

The Canon is based on Pachelbel’s Canon in D. Here, it is in the key of C and arranged for a guitar trio to suit beginner guitar players

Funding Earned Through Lessons Learned

A personal account of my experiences with applying for and receiving graduate fellowships.