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Lesson Plans - Character Education

Icebreakers: Volume 10

Maybe you’ll have students trace their (right!) shoe, cut out the shoe shape, and write a personal goal for the year on it. Students then can decorate their shoes in unique ways, and you can display them on the bulletin board under the headline Starting the Year on the Right Foot!

Icebreakers: Volume 9

The Memory Book is an idea you might introduce on the first day of school — documenting on the opening page or two some of the icebreaker activities below.

Icebreakers: Volume 8

Each year, we fear we may not be able to come up with a dozen new icebreaker activities to help teachers get to know their students — and to help students get to know one another — and each year the e-mails keep coming in. This year, we introduce more than 25 new teacher-tested getting-to-know-you activities in two new volumes.

Icebreakers 2001: Sixteen Getting-to-Know-You Activities!

Looking for a way to calm those first-day-of-school jitters — for your students and yourself? Why not try an “icebreaker”? Icebreakers, fun activities to help students get to know one another and their teachers, can ease those first-day nerves and get the school year off to a great start.

Me Puppets

The children hide their faces with the puppets and tell their classmates all about their families, hobbies, pets, etc.