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Lesson Plans - Visual Arts

Free Valentine’s Day Cards

8 different Valentine’s Day cards to use in the classroom. There are 4 of the same card on one page to make it easier if you only want to use one design.

Roll-n-Color the Elf! {Freebie}

The students will roll a single die and color the various parts of the elf depending on the number they roll. They can do it alone or with a group..easy and fun!

Using Drama in the Classroom

Drama is mentioned 47 times in the Common Core Standards. This easy-to-read guide provides tips and techniques so that you get the most out of reader’s theater.

Drawing Tonal Starter

This is a tonal starter studying sheet that also has questions for students to answer for plenary questioning. It is designed for students to become more aware of the tones that they are using in their drawings.If you like this please leave a rating!

Nets of Cubes Activity Sheets

Here are some cutting, folding, writing, and coloring activity sheets for all of the possible nets of cubes.