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Lesson Plans - Visual Arts

Baby Flash Cards w/ FREE ANIMAL SONG!

These black and White Animal Flash Cards for babies will help with your child’s brain development in the early stages of life. This Flash Card Set includes a FREE Animal Song MP3 Download!

Geometry Assessment Lesson Plan

Students find area, perimeter, and degrees of angles using cut out shapes.

Insects and Spiders Lesson Plan

Students will research insects and spiders and learn their roles in helping the environment and also harm they might cause. This elementary science lesson plan is applicable to 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th grade science classes.


Fold a piece of cardstock that looks like a tadpole into an origami frog that really hops.

Kwanzaa Candle Craft

Review the significant symbols in the craft:
The three colors of Kwanzaa are green, black and red. The ears of corn represents fertility and that children are the hope of the future. Each person is responsible for the children in the community.