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Declaration of Independence

The student will be able to describe the events leading to the vote for independence.
Required Materials:
Pencil and paper
Technology Integration:
Students will use their laptops to research information from a website to answer specific questions pertaining to the Declaration of Independence.
Procedures: Students will be instructed to visit the History Channel Web site’s exhibit about the Declaration of Independence. They will answer questions about the site and then be asked to prepare a fact about one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence to share with the class.

1. Who were the five members of the committee appointed to write a declaration of independence?
2. Why did the committee choose Jefferson to write the draft?
3. From where and from whom did Jefferson draw inspiration in drafting the Declaration of Independence?
4. Summarize the efforts that have been made over the past 50 years to preserve the Declaration of Independence.

After the students are finish answering the questions they will be assigned one of the Declaration signers to research and prepare something interesting to share with the class

Independent Practice:
Students will work independently on this activity.
Students will share information about their signer with the whole class.

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