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Family Wreath

I collected family pictures of each of my students during our Introduction Day. I told the family I would probably not return these pictures. I then took the pictures and made a “family wreath”, for the lonely days or when the students just missed home. This was a huge hit with all the families and the children. I placed the wreath in the home living area, and was amazed to see the students, all year long, go over to the wreath and take time to admire it and their family. (Some families included pet pictures to put on the wreath). On the last day of school I auctioned it off to a family and bought supplies for the class room. All my parents wanted this “keepsake”.

1 comment to Family Wreath

  • Jovy

    hello everybody,
    im so very please of ur site it help my theme to be more creative i hope u can send me some ideas on how to teach the Family in Kindergarteen and Nursery Level especially the games and songs.

    Thank You very much,
    Jovy P.

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