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Little Ghost

Students stand around a large circle line with three to five players in the middle. Set up 3-4 areas with cones for the HOME. The students in the middle of the circle are Ghosts. The other students recite the following poem as they walk in a circle around the Ghosts.

“Once there was a Little Ghost
Who went out in the night
He liked to scare the children most
On every Halloween night. BOO!”

When the word “BOO” is said, all players must run to one of the Homes without getting tagged. If they get tagged before reaching the Home, they join the Ghost in the middle of the circle, then switch places with that Ghost by handing over the tagging instrument. The class then goes back to the circle where there are new Ghosts, and recite the poem again. Repeat several times so there is opportunity for many students to be Ghosts.

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