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Thanksgiving Bargain Shopping

Let’s talk turkey about Thanksgiving grocery shopping! Students work in groups to compare grocery store prices to shop for Thanksgiving dinner.


This activity is a great way for the teacher and the students to get to know one another on the first day of a new class. It also enables students to communicate with others that speak another language, specifically, Spanish.

Create Poetry from First-Person Testimony

Students turn diary and journal entries and the recorded testimony of people who witnessed the Holocaust into eloquent poetry. This is a lesson in the power of words.

Life In Concentration Camps

Based on the reading of personal accounts from Holocaust survivors, students will be able to explain what life was like in concentration camps with at least 90% accuracy.

Hanukkah Celebration with HanuKat

The Hanukat story provides an opportunity for the introduction of Hanukkah Holiday concepts. Below is a description of some of the ways HanuKat can be incorporated into your December Holiday activities.