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America celebrates Thanksgiving Day today.

Although the holiday has been celebrated for over 200 years, the fourth Thursday of November didn’t become the official Thanksgiving Day until 1941, when Franklin Roosevelt signed the holiday into Federal law for the first time. Up until that time, the date had been in flux.

Thanksgiving Bargain Shopping

Let’s talk turkey about Thanksgiving grocery shopping! Students work in groups to compare grocery store prices to shop for Thanksgiving dinner.

Imagine Me at the First Thanksgiving

The students will imagine what they think the First Thanksgiving was like and then draw a picture of themselves at the First Thanksgiving for a class book.

The First Thanksgiving

The student will review prior information on the first Thanksgiving, and will learn more information about it.

Thanksgiving Placemats: A Community- Service Project

Work with your local shelter, food kitchen, or nursing home to brighten everybody’s Thanksgiving.