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Periodic Properties of the Elements Virtual Lab

• Analyze trends within groups and periods on the periodic table of elements.
(Exploration 1)
• Determine the identity of seven mystery elements based on periodic table trends. (Exploration 2)

PROCEDURES: Students will navigate to the McGraw-Hill Virtual Lab website. From there students will find the topic: The Periodic Table, click on it and it will take students to a Virtual Lab. There students will follow the procedures as outlined on the webpage to navigate their way through this lab investigation. There are questions and tables that students answers in order to familiarize them with the table. When students have completed their assignment they can either print it out and submit it or they may e-mail their completed work to the teacher. In this activity, a partial periodic table is provided. Students will select an element and evaluate the element’s physical properties. After selecting the element, they will analyze the patterns of these properties as they occur across a period as well as trends that exist down a group. Students will identify several mystery elements by investigating and interpreting periodic trends.

5.1.1, 5.1.6 Science, 1.1.1, 2.3.1 Tech

EVALUATION: Students will be evaluated on the information submitted from their virtual lab.

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