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Poetry Unit

A. The student will analyze a variety of poetic forms (epic, lyric, sonnet, haiku, ballad, free verse)
B. The student will create innovative projects using digital tools to express original ideas.
C. The student will apply ethical use of information and media by respecting copyrights, using information and media technology responsibly, and citing resources appropriately. S3.C1.PO5
2. Materials
A. Computers with internet access for research
B. Interactive notebooks for notes and illustration of different types of poetry
C. Card stock for making poetry books
D. Pictures for illustrations of poetry books – can be printed off of internet coloring pages
E. Bulldog costume and stuffed animals, Santa hats and clothing, music, songs for presentation
F. Treats for elderly clients
G. Quiz /tests
3. Activities
A. Lesson presentation on board about the different types of poetry – examples, readings, etc
Discussion on what they poems meant and analyzing a variety of poetry
B. Interactive notebooks – take notes and illustrate the types of poetry
C. Students write their own examples of types of poetry.
D. Copyright and internet responsibility presentation and citing work.
E. Quiz on internet responsibility
F. Students research all poems and had to pick out a Christmas poem for each category that they thought an elderly person would enjoy. They had to cite the author and give credit to the place they took the poem from.
G. They had to find a picture that was appropriate for the poem and add it to the page
H. They printed all pages and then printed them out as a book.
I. They make them into poetry books.
J. They took the books to the care center and read their poetry books to the clients.
K. They sang songs and took treats to the clients.

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