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Making Flowers That Smell From Paper

Children can learn the parts of a flower (stem, leaves, stamen, etc.). They can realize that different flowers have different smells. They can talk about the colors of the flowers they made. They can talk about mothers day and all the wonderful things their mothers do for them!

Heart men/women

Cut out large heart, this is the body. Add the medium one for the head. Use two small hearts for each arm and three for each leg. Then use the tiny hearts for the eyes and buttons. I use red construction paper for the man and pink for the eyes and buttons. For the woman I use pink construction paper with red paper for the eyes and buttons. After this is all glued together I let the children decorate them with markers. Let the children get as creative as they want to. They sometimes add jewelry, clothes, beads, hair, shoes, etc. Have fun with this lesson.

Welcoming Wall Hangings

Greet school and classroom visitors with special occasion painted cloth wall hangings.

Friendship Hearts

What does it mean to be a good friend? Classroom friendships blossom with this heart puzzle.

Power to the Peanut

Students locate information about the life and research of African American botanist George Washington Carver.