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Three-Way Match: Famous Black Americans

Learn about the accomplishments of famous African American men and women using a unique three-way matching activity.

Technology and the African American Inventor

1. Students will understand that technological advances are the result of the work done by a diverse group of people, many of whom are African Americans.
2. Students will apply Internet browsing skills to locate information.
3. Students will identify the impact of researched inventions on the world today.

Civil Rights Movement

Discrimination and the Civil Rights Era

Melba Pattillo and Ruby Bridges: Two Pioneers of School Integration

Students put themselves in the shoes of the students who integrated Little Rock High School in 1957-58. Note: The primary resources in this activity provide powerful and poignant descriptions of what those students faced.

Famous Person: Rosa Louis Parks

Who is the woman many call, “The Mother of the Civil Rights Movement?” Her name is Rosa Parks. She was also awarded the NAACP’s Spingarn Medal and the Martin Luther King, Jr. nonviolent-peace prize. In 1984, Rosa Parks was given the Eleanor Roosevelt Woman of Courage award. Where did this legacy begin?