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The Chanukah Mystery Webquest

You are an investigator with the Gefilte Fish Detective Agency.

You just got a phone call with your next case. Mr Blum was cleaning out his basement and he found a box labeled Chanukah. Inside, he found dreidels, a recipe for latkes, and a large collection of chanukiot. Some of the chanukiot look a little funny to him – and he’s not sure which ones he’s allowed to use. Chanukah is coming and he needs answers fast!


Four websites give the answers to questions on Chanukah.

Chanukah Suncatcher

Chanukah is a celebration of light. Create a suncatcher that shows what this holiday means to you.

Chanukah Cards with Quilling

Create one-of-a-kind Chanukah cards for friends and family simply by curling narrow strips of Crayola Neon Color Explosion® Paper.

Hanukkah Fun: The Dreidel Game

Students create dreidels, traditional Hanukkah toys, from common materials and play the dreidel game!

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