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Martin Luther King, Jr.: A Fact or Opinion Activity

Read or listen to a brief biography of Martin Luther King Jr.
and complete the Martin Luther King Jr.: Fact or Opinion? work sheet.

King & Civil Rights Lesson Plan using the Web

Upon completion of this lesson students will have the know how to extract useful information off the World Wide Web. They will have an understanding of the civil rights time period in America, and an awareness of the obstacles that Martin Luther King had to over come to persue his dream. They will see the relevance of civil rights and how it helped shape our nation and the world.

Using the Internet To Study: I Have a Dream

Students understand, analyze, and interpret historical events, conditions,
trends and issues to develop a historical perspective.

Lesson Plan for Dr. Martin Luther King Day

Walk with Martin Luther King, Jr. on his historic march on Washington, hear parts of his inspirational speech, “I Have a Dream” and envision your own dreams of freedom for all Americans and the people of the world.

Martin Luther King Jr.

The students will recognize the chronology of Martin Luther King’s life.

The students will have an understanding of the Jim Crow laws.

The students will become familiar with the speech “I Have a Dream.”