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Honor African American Leaders

“Students research information about important leaders of African descent such as Daurene Lewis, the first female African Canadian to be elected mayor in North America.
Students recognize the many contributions of international Black leaders.
Students design a poster depicting highlights of the honored person’s achievements.”


I just finished a lesson in honor of Martin Luther King Day that I found to be one of the best of my 6 year teaching career. This truly is a great lesson I’d love to share!

Martin Luther King, Jr. and Me: Identifying with a Hero

This lesson explores ways to help students identify with Dr. King—an American hero who lived and died long before they were even born—through reading, writing, listening, and speaking activities that provide a glimpse into Dr. King’s life. Students record what they know about Dr. King on a KWL chart.

Peekaboo Apple Paper Plate

Kids will love this colorful back-to-school craft. Make a bright red apple with a friendly worm that pokes through to say hello!

The Year in Review

Students will sequence the major events of their year in chronological order as they create a photo journal.