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The American Flag

Teach your students about the American Flag, including its history, what the symbols represent, and the proper way to display it. Discuss how the American Flag has played a part in recent events. Then choose one or more of the American Flag activities for wearing, sharing, or displaying.

Stars and Stripes Forever: Flag Facts for Flag Day

After completing the lessons in this unit, students will be able to:

* Tell what a symbol is and give examples of a symbol, such as the American flag.

The Betsy Ross Story: Truth or Legend?

Students investigate the facts behind the story of Betsy Ross.

Seeing Stars

Students follow directions to make five-point stars like the ones on the American flag.

This Is America! Flag Collage

Students cut up magazines and newspapers to create an American flag collage — a visual essay of their thoughts about “What America Means to Me.”

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