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Snowball Fight

I give everyone a white sheet of paper. Along with their name, I ask them to write one thing they are excited about, one thing they are nervous about, and one thing they would like to learn. (They can draw a picture if they aren’t able to write yet.) We wad it up and have a snowball fight with our paper. Then, we all pick up a snowball and read the information. Next, we have to find who it belongs to. This is great for getting to know each other and seeing what their fears and expectations really are. At the end of the year, it’s usually what they remember most.

Get to know you bags

I supply a white paper bag for them to fill with five items that will tell the class a little about them. They fill the bags with pictures, magnets, small stuffed toys, medals, past report cards, awards, etc. Throughout the first day each student will share what’s in their bag and why.