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Metric Intro

Math Lesson Plan: Metric Intro
GRADE: 5th / 6th
Students will learn basic metric measurement concepts & the metric sentence.
? sentence strips
? rulers
? markers ? meter sticks
? scale
? measuring cups
Today we’re going to learn about a system used all over the world and a trick to remember the units of measure. Raise your hand if you’ve ever

Which Present is Bigger?

Students will use estimation and rulers to figure out which present is bigger.

How Does Your Tree Measure Up?

Complete the chart that shows locations and sizes of some of the biggest trees in the United States.

Spring Doesn’t Bug Me

Students make a LADYBUG art item using math vocabulary and measurements of circles. Previously written Haiku poems are affixed to the LADYBUG for a Spring display.

Meet Mr. Gallon

Use Mr. Gallon to help your students learn about liquid measurement.

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