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Who Was Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae?

John McCrae is best remembered as the author of iconic war memorial and Remembrance Day poem, In Flanders Fields however he accomplished a great deal more in his short life.

In Flanders Fields Analysis

Students will analyze the structure of In Flanders Fields poem and through application, explore McCrae’s use of form, rhyme, imagery and contrast. This lesson will also help students to explore the poem’s meaning, introducing the varied interpretations of message of In Flanders Fields poem.

Story Behind John McCrae’s In Flanders Fields Poem

Canadian physician Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae wrote the In Flanders Fields poem on May 3, 1915 while still at the battlefront during the Second Battle of Ypres in WWI

Spring Haiku

Students understand the rules and format of haiku.

Ode to Spring

Students use nature photos as inspiration to write poems about the season of spring.

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