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Literature/Math Crossover Lesson Plan – Word Problems

Teacher will read the story “I Can Lick 30 Tigers Today!” from the Dr. Seuss book of the same title. I think that this book is easy enough for my first grade class to understand. It is also an entertaining selection.

So Many Inventions!

Students listen to two books about Chinese inventions. Then they make a simple compass. Later students look at home for Chinese inventions, bring them to school, and make a display.

Valentine’s Kindness

The following activity nurtures essential:

* social and emotional skills
* creative expression skills

The 100th Day Project

Summarize the book The 100th Day Project

Lesson Plan for Dr. Martin Luther King Day

Walk with Martin Luther King, Jr. on his historic march on Washington, hear parts of his inspirational speech, “I Have a Dream” and envision your own dreams of freedom for all Americans and the people of the world.