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Astronomical Scales

Students will
1. understand how scaling factors can be used to make representations of astronomical distances;
2. learn how to write and solve equations that relate real distance measurements to scaled representations of the distances; and
3. understand how the use of scientific notation makes calculations involving large numbers easier to manage.

Discover Magazine: The Solar System

Students will

* learn about NASA’s options for its space program;
* research which option may be the most viable; and
* make a recommendation based on research

Understanding The Universe

Students will understand the following:
1. The stages of evolution a star goes through are determined by the size of the star.

Inventors And Inventions 2: Air And Space

Students will understand the following:
1. They can conduct an experiment in which they change the size, weight, and wing structure of paper airplanes to see how each plane flies.

Liftoff Into Space

Students will

* Understand the history of the space race and space exploration as a whole.
* Create a timeline detailing important events in the history of space exploration.
* Write a descriptive article about an important event in space exploration.