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In Flanders Fields Poem And Remembrance Day Poppies

There is a historical connection between battlefields and poppies that dates back hundreds of years. This lesson will encourage students to explore this connection and learn about the unique characteristics of the poppy.

Wooden Spoon Soldiers

This army of wooden-spoon soldiers will be sure to protect all the ice cream at your Veterans Day party.

Marching Songs

After the Veterans Day parade, you can get everybody marching to a tune of your own.

Victorious Veteran Pins

It is traditional to honor brave soldiers with medals, pins, and ribbons. Long after the war, you can show veterans that you have not forgotten their courageous acts. Make these victory pins, and give them to your local veteran’s association to distribute.

Thinking About Our Troops

This lesson offers a handful of way in which kids can connect with American soldiers serving around the world.