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Target Heart Rate

Target Heart Rate Activity
A WebQuest for Middle School Students
Designed by Butch Houser

Heart rate is very important when it comes to physical activity. This activity is to help you determine your target heart rate while being physically active in fun and creative ways during your PE class. Being physically active doesn’t just mean boring exercise. It can be through games and fun activities that provide entertainment as well as physical activity that is good for your health.
Each student will learn how to take their own pulse and determine their target heart rate appropriate for their age and fitness level for the most beneficial results. This can be done on an individual basis or in a classroom setting.
Use the Target Heart Rate calculator at to determine your target heart rate zone.
By choosing a game from one of the following websites or choosing a physical game of your own or any other website, check your heart rate every 10 minutes for 30 minutes to determine of your heart rate is in your target zone. This can be done by using a heart rate monitor or manually by checking your pulse manually your number of heartbeats in 60 seconds which is your heart beats per minute. This can be done individually by using stop watches or as a group with the instructor doing the timing. Document your heart rate for each 10 minute period then average your three numbers together to determine of you reached your target heart rate over the 30 minute period. This can be by using simple math or by creating a simple spreadsheet that will do the averaging for you.

A sample heart rate chart to help determine the average heart beats per minute in a 30 minute time frame.
10 minute heart rate check
20 minute heart rate check
30 minute heart rate check
Avg. 30 min Heart Rate

After determining a target heart rate zone for each student, grades will be assessed based on individual performance and if heart rates were in the target zone or how close they were to the target zone. A class grade could also be given based on the class performance for how close the class, as a whole, came to reaching the average heart rate target of the entire class.
Students will learn how to take their pulse and also that reaching a target heart rate for optimal health benefits doesn’t have to be boring, monotonous exercise. It can be fun and exciting. It also gives the students a visual chart which will help motivate them to reach the goal of the target heart rate. The students will learn that each person’s target heart rate is different and that individuals must work at their own pace to ensure successful results.
Some additional links to target heart rates for children are:
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