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The Alamo Part II

Chapter 12 Manifest Destiny “Texas Independence” (Part II)
The student will be able to research for basic facts from a Web site.
The student will be able to create five trading cards of defenders of the Alamo, using pictures, icons, graphics, and text.
Required Materials:
Website: The Alamo
Colored pencils
Index cards

Technology Integration:
Students will use their laptops research information from a website to answer specific questions pertaining to the Alamo.

Students will revisit the official Web site of the Alamo. This time they will
click on The Defenders. Each student will choose five of the defenders and make trading cards using index cards about their lives and contributions. On one side they will draw a picture, or create an icon or graphic that represents the person. On the other side of the card they will write facts about their life and their part in the defense of the Alamo. This will enable students to think about the men who chose to give their lives to this cause of freedom.

Independent Practice:
Students will work independently on this assignment.
After each student is finished they will share their cards with the rest of the class and discuss the various defenders.

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