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The Internal Anatomy of the Grasshopper

The students will be able to understand that the grasshopper has many important internal organs, and begin to explore their functions, through observation

Learning in Cockroaches

To see, if by providing a positive stimulus, students can detect learning in cockroaches. A secondary purpose is to provide students with the opportunity to carefully observe and work with an insect they normally find offensive. Thus students will develop a keener appreciation of the complexities of experimental design and of animal life.

Insects: Observing a Cricket

The student is expected to make observations using tools including hand lenses, balances, cups, and bowls.

Adopt-An-Insect Project Overview

The goal of the Adopt-An-Insect project is to create a school-wide insect collection to allow Havana Junior High School students to investigate the insect world. For this project, each grade level will “adopt” specific orders of insects, collect specimens, create classroom collections, and complete related activities. From lessons on life cycles to the basic anatomy of insects, students will discover the amazing world of these “minibeasts”.

Rainbow Trout

Find out about fish and the different environments fish live in then design a painted stuffed fish for a biodiversity exhibit.