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Welcome to our website dedicated to the significance of lesson plans for teachers! was launched in 1997, providing resources that all educators would find useful, with a particular focus on helping teachers in the process of developing exemplary lesson plans. As education continues to evolve, lesson planning remains a fundamental cornerstone of effective teaching. Lesson plans serve as invaluable roadmaps, guiding educators in their quest to provide meaningful and impactful learning experiences to students. By carefully crafting lesson plans, teachers can cater to diverse learning styles, address specific educational objectives, and foster a positive and engaging classroom environment.

An ambitious project to redevelop began in June of 2014. Our goal continues to be one of providing Tools and Resources to aide teachers in delivering curriculum that is timely, relevant and useful to their students. Through online collaboration, individual teachers can now share their lesson plans with educators in all corners of the globe.

We rely on you to help us improve the site. Please take a moment to submit your comments, questions and suggestions here. is supported by advertisers that we work closely with to maintain a high-quality experience for our visitors. Should you or your organization wish to advertise on, please visit our Advertiser page for more information.