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Lesson Plans - July

Pictures say a 1000 words

To illustrate a patriot song through a student created art slide show for a patriotic holiday event

Patriotic Collage

For Memorial Day, Armed Forces Day, Flag Day, or the Fourth of July have your students make a patriotic collage

Join the Revolution!

On April 19, 1775, the battle of Lexinton and Concord was fought. Your students can relive that unusual battle and follow the progress of the entire war — from that first day to the British surrender at Yorktown — by participating in some of the Revolutionary War activities below.

The Fourth of July: A Day to Remember

Polls reveal that Americans know surprisingly little about their country’s history. Education World remembers — and celebrates America’s struggle for independence with 13 patriotic activities, one for each of the original colonies!

Comparing Pictures

Students demonstrate skills in describing pictures.