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Lesson Plans - July

Summer Travel: Education on the Road

This month EDSITEment spotlights an activity that many students take part in every summer: vacationing. Students are encouraged to use their summer travel experiences to learn about new places and document their understanding of what they encounter. Whether their destination is Colonial Williamsburg, or Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, students can approach their new surroundings as

Summertime-Camping Memory Game

Talk about outdoor camping with the children. Ask if any of the children have geen on a camping trip and encourage them to tell the group what it was like. Explain that when we go camping out innature, we are away from such things as electricity, our own beds, etc. We want to take along

Summer Season

Visit a different season or a month below for specific holiday and events activities.

World Cup Soccer Ideas

Here, you will find lessons, worksheets and resources related to the World Cup Football 2010 Tournament