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Lesson Plans - Computers

Oceans of the World

Students demonstrate abilities to research and compare information about oceans. Students correctly locate oceans on a world map.

AIDS in Africa I: The Scope of the Problem

Explain to the students that the impact of HIV/AIDS on African populations is significant, and that the statistics they will review in this lesson show how much more the population of Africa is affected by this disease than is the population of the United States.

Apples All Around!

Students will create apple tree art, then participate in computer activities related to apples and apple trees

Succeeding at Kite Day

Succeeding At Kite Day is a learning invitation that encourages students to design a successful kite for flying at the annual spring, school-wide Kite Day.

Meeting and Reading Dr. Seuss

The standard that is being addressed is: Demonstrate competence in the general skills and strategies of the reading process.