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Lesson Plans - Foreign Language

How to Learn the Spanish Alphabet

10 minutes Class Introduction
Students will watch a video to hear the pronunciation of the letters and vowels of the alphabet, the first time they will listen and watch. The video will be played a second time so that they can repeat all the letters and vowels and practice.

Say “Thank You” in 100 Languages!

Put the “Thanks” back in Thanksgiving with this geography and language activity that teaches students to say “thank you” in many languages.

For the Beans

Students study the growth of vegetables often used in recipes in Hispanic cultures.

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month!

September 15 to October 15 is National Hispanic Heritage Month. Education World offers a piƱata full of activities that will help teachers focus attention on the contributions of people of Hispanic heritage to the history of the United States.

Chinese New Year Celebration

Students Will:

1. Assist in planning and preparing for the celebration.
2. Work together cooperatively in small and large groups.
3. Have fun!