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Lesson Plans - Geography

The Giving Back to Nature Challenge

Didactic starting position
Characteristics of the students:
Foreknowledge: many children may have been in contact with lessons about trees, our nature, the forest and other subjects to his manner. Students from every age know about trees and the forest so most of them know how a tree ‘works’.

The 50 States

To identify the location of a state, compare population sizes from various states, learn the state bird, flag, and location on the map.

Election Results Map

Students create maps with a color key showing election night returns.

Into the Ocean

Students are familiar with fish and perhaps some other underwater animals, but have they ever thought about where in the ocean these animals live? In this lesson, students will be encouraged to learn more about the special adaptations of animals with which they are already familiar. It will introduce students to different ocean depths and to the ways in which animals have adapted to live at different depths. In the process, they will look at the photographs of David Doubilet and think about how photography can help save the oceans.

Dynamic Earth

Students will understand the following:
1. A tidal wave, or tsunami , is a huge, destructive wave caused by a certain type of earthquake.