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Lesson Plans - History

Kwanzaa – Lesson plan

To give intensive reading practice
To examine an aspect of the Christmas celebrations
To give pracice with working out meaning of lexis from context
To give freer speaking practice

Declaration of Independence

The student will be able to describe the events leading to the vote for independence.
Required Materials:
Pencil and paper
Technology Integration:
Students will use their laptops to research information from a website to answer specific questions pertaining to the Declaration of Independence.
Procedures: Students will be instructed to visit the History Channel Web site’s exhibit about the Declaration of

Medical Minute with Dr. Madison Mills

During the U.S.-Mexican War, more soldiers died from disease than from battle wounds. Approximately 70% of deaths were due to disease. The lesson focuses on four health threats: 1) Poor drinking water, 2) Garbage, 3) Mosquitoes, and 4) Lack of personal hygiene.
Soldiers at Fort Brown got their drinking water from the Rio Grande. However, the

Protecting the Soldier

BACKGROUND: Information about the uniforms on the enclosed list.
For more information on U.S.-Mexican War uniforms, check out these websites:
Uniforms were made out of wool because of the fabric’s properties. When soldiers sweat, wool would wick water away from the skin. If it rained, wool would absorb the water, keeping the soldier warm and

Juneteenth Day

Students will present end results of their research on the end of slavery in the Western hemisphere at a Juneteenth end of school year celebration.